What Are The Best Breast Implants?

What Are The Best Breast Implants?

Different Types Of Breast Implants

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Breast implants are available in two different types of material: saline and silicone. Both of these options can look and feel natural providing the procedure is of a professional quality, however there are differences between them. The implants have a solid silicone shell and are named in accordance with what they are filled with.

Therefore, saline implants are filled with sterile salt-water and silicone implants are filled with Cohesive silicone gel. The saline type have been around longer, although silicone implants are considered safer and more reliable in terms of their natural-looking results and decrease risk of wrinkling and rippling. Due to this, they are usually more expensive but when it comes to cosmetic surgery, you should never forfeit quality over cost.

What Happens If A Silicone Breast Implant Ruptures?

Regardless of the type of implant you opt for, when it comes to your own breast augmentation procedure there is always the risk that it may rupture. This is when the implant is damaged, causing the silicone to leak, although this rarely leaks further than the fibrous tissue capsule that will have formed around the implant.

There can be symptoms that a rupture has occurred, such as pain or swelling, change in breast shape or size, softening or hardening of the breast itself and also the appearance of lumps. It is a common misconception that a ruptured implant can cause more serious problems such as cancer and reproductive problems, as the chance of this is very slim. The risk of rupture with modern implants has been reported to be less than 2% over 10 years.

Breast Surgery at Sthetix

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At Sthetix, we boast a team of highly experienced consultant plastic surgeons who have performed countless successful breast augmentation procedures. Our client reviews and gallery are a testament to the quality of care we provide and you can follow the links below to see for yourself. We are able to offer both round implants and teardrop shaped implants, however we only offer these in silicone due to the quality and safety that this type of implant provides.

If this is a procedure that you feel you would benefit from, be sure to book a consultation with one of our surgeons; they are there to advise and guide you through a treatment program suited to your needs.


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