The Best Chemical Peels

The Best Chemical Peels

Do Chemical Peels Actually Work?

If you have recently had a Chemical Peel, do not be disappointed or concerned if you didn’t see noticeable results immediately after your treatment; this is because the skin has to first peel off and heal. To ensure we achieve the best possible results from your treatment it is important that you follow the aftercare procedures recommended by us at Sthetix Clinic Liverpool.

It is advisable to give up drinking and smoking throughout your recovery period; try to exchange any bad habits for plenty of water and regular exercise! Combined with a balanced diet, this healthy lifestyle should contribute towards a successful outcome from your Chemical Peel treatment.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Chemical Peels?

look-younger-liverpool-clinicPatients that come to us seeking a Chemical Peel procedure are often unhappy with certain aspects of their skin. Chemical Peels are ideal for treating certain problems, which include the signs of premature ageing (wrinkles, creasing etc), skin damage and acne scarring.
While this may initially seem an ideal solution, the peels are not suited to all skin types and there are certain factors that may affect your suitability for this type of treatment.
If you are unsure whether you are suitable for any type of skin peel then be sure to book a consultation with us at Sthetix in Liverpool.

Chemical Peels In Liverpool

At Sthetix Clinic, we offer three types of Chemical Skin Peel: Superficial Peels, Medium Depth and Deep Peels. The Superficial Peel only removes the outer layer of cells in a quick procedure that leaves the skin exfoliated with a new healthy glow. The Superficial Peel is also suitable for all skin types and requires no downtime.

The Medium Depth and Deep Peel penetrates further into the skin during a longer procedure in order to even out your skin texture and tackle larger issues, such as wrinkling, blemishes and acne scarring.

If you are interested in any of these treatments, you can easily book a consultation with us at Sthetix where we can discuss your issues and advise you how best to move forward with your treatment; each of our Chemical Peel procedures will always be tailored to your personal needs

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