Female Incontinence

Bladder conditions can have a significant affect on the quality of your life. Many women suffer in silence even though a lot can be done to help and improve things and in some cases can be completely cured. There are many different types of bladder problems, ranging from needing to rush to the toilet, to leaking urine when exercising.

In utero-vaginal prolapse, there is descent of the uterus and/or vagina beyond its normal position. This is a common gynaecological condition but many women do not seek treatment because of embarrassment, or they are unaware that the condition can cause problems and that treatment is available. It is important to seek medical advice early as it can be treated. At Stethix we take pride in providing care with a holistic approach with a great team of clinicians including physiotherapy and provide both non-surgical and surgical and treatment.

Consultant Gynaecologist Miss Shaireen Aleem leads the service and is supported by Gynaecological Physiotherapist Kate Walsh. Each individual case is handled sensitively and with a holistic approach.

If you would like to learn more about treatment for bladder conditions and utero-vaginal prolapse, please call 0151 669 1114 or email [email protected]