Bowel Dysfunction

Bowel dysfunction can include problems such as faecal and gas incontinence, faecal urgency, constipation (whether slow transit or obstructed defaecation); anal fissures and haemorrhoids which can be painful and disrupt bowel function, bloating and pelvic pain related to bowel conditions. All these may have been investigated by the doctor who may or may be able to treat a cause, but the person remains with poor bowel function affecting them on a daily basis.

Many people are unwilling or too embarrassed to seek help causing a great deal of isolation and psychological stress along with the obvious physical limitations having a huge impact on quality of life.

Physiotherapy can provide significant benefits by teaching strategies to help people manage their symptoms and improve bowel continence, ease of defaecation, and overall comfort with bowel function. This helps regain control and improves confidence to continue to live life as you want to.

Techniques include:-

  • Extensive education regarding normal and abnormal bowel function
  • Awareness of when to STRENGTHEN pelvic floor muscles e.g incontinence and urgency
  • Awareness of when to RELAX the pelvic floor muscles e.g constipation, incomplete evacuation
  • Diet modification to help achieve a soft, easy to pass stool
  • Teaching position for optimising defaecation dynamics
  • Re-education of breathing
  • Treatment techniques for pain felt in ano-rectal region including rectal manual therapy and soft tissue release internally and externally
  • Anal EMG biofeedback to re-train anal sphincter muscles and improve coordination of defaecation dynamics
  • Anal neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to help strengthen the external anal sphincter muscle
  • Rectal sensory re-training using rectal balloon catheters

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