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Breast Enlargement by Fat Transfer | Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation at Sthetix Clinic Liverpool

Breast Enlargement
by Fat Transfer

One of the first clinics to introduce breast augmentation by fat transfer to the North of England, here at Sthetix we use this innovative surgery to enhance or sculpt your chest into the shape you’ve always dreamed of. 

Introduction to Breast Enlargement by Fat Transfer

The Sthetix Medical Director, Mr Rizwan Alvi, introduced breast augmentation by fat transfer to the North West of England. It’s a procedure that takes fat from another area of your body and injects it (using a special technique) into your breasts to achieve correction of asymmetry, a fuller volume or shape or to correct a dent or defect. It also can be used as an alternative to breast augmentation when a relatively small increase (around ½ a cup size) is desired. Breast augmentation by fat transfer may require more than one surgery to achieve the desired end result.

At Sthetix, Mr Alvi has been performing this procedure for over 10 years, achieving fantastic and long-lasting results.

Who is suitable?

Most of our patients are healthy females who wish for a subtle enlargement of their breasts via fat transfer or correct existing defects that may be there due to reconstructive or other surgery. Before recommending this procedure, we make sure that the patient has enough body fat and has a clear mammogram (x-ray of the breasts). We do this so that the surgery can be performed safely and with the best outcome possible.

Before surgery

Before fat transfer surgery, there are several things we require so that your procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

One of the most important things is to stop smoking as smoke introduces toxins into the blood that can increase the risk of healing problems, skin loss and complications. We also ask that smokers stop at least 6 weeks before their surgery date and don’t start again until wounds have completely healed.

We also ask patients who are undergoing this procedure to stop taking oral contraceptive pills (alternative methods are fine), aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs. This is because some of those pills can increase the risk of bleeding. And finally, we ask that patients do not take off-the-shelf herbal medicines or nutritional supplements.

To ensure that you are fully prepared for the surgery, we will ask you to attend a medical examination at a pre-operative assessment clinic where certain tests may be carried out to ensure your safety during anaesthesia and surgery.

The procedure and risks

This surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic and requires an overnight stay in hospital. It takes longer than breast augmentation using implants, with the surgery requiring between 2 and 4 hours. The procedure starts with taking the required amount of fat from the patient, preparing it and then injecting it in small droplets into the area desired using tiny incisions.

The success of breast augmentation by fat transfer depends very much on the surgeon’s experience, skill and level of advanced training, as well as the patient’s health and lifestyle. Mr Alvi has now treated over 1,000 patients with this procedure, making Sthetix the number one destination for safe surgery and delivering results.

Potential but unlikely risks of this surgery are: loss of injected fat, lumps under the skin, unevenness in the breast and body (fat harvesting) area, bruising and infection.

Aftercare and results

As your wellbeing is our number one priority, we offer a comprehensive and personalised aftercare package, all included in your treatment.

After you are discharged, we will provide you with post-operative care instructions and you will have 24-hour access to trained staff who will be on hand to advise you should you have any questions or concerns.

After the surgery, we will arrange appointments for follow-up examinations with your surgeon to monitor your progress and check that you are recovering well (it usually takes 2-4 weeks to recover and heal from this procedure and patients may be asked to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks afterwards).

2 weeks after surgery, one of our trained staff will see you and check on your progress. Your surgeon will see you after 6 weeks for a follow-up and again after that until you are fully recovered. These follow-ups are standard and will be provided at no extra cost.

In the unlikely event of a problem, we will make arrangements for you to be seen by trained staff, and if needed, by the surgeon who performed the procedure. As all our surgeons live and work in the area, it is always possible to see your surgeon at short notice. Our surgeons don’t leave the country or local area after performing the surgery. On the rare instance that a surgeon has to leave the local area for other commitments, we will always arrange for another trained plastic surgeon from our team available to provide you with comprehensive care.

In the unlikely event of a complication directly related to your surgery, we will provide or arrange further surgery and/or treatment at no extra cost for up to 1 year.


How long will it take to recover?
It usually takes 2-4 weeks to recover and heal from this surgery. Occasionally, patients may be asked to wear a compression garment on the area where the fat was taken.

When can I return to work?
Most patients can return to work 2-4 weeks after their surgery but this depends on the nature of the work and how fast your body heals.

When can I drive?
We recommend you avoid driving or operating heavy machinery for 2 weeks after your surgery.

When can I exercise?
Upper body exercises can be gradually started after 4 weeks, while gentle lower body exercises (e.g. a relaxed walk) are recommended as soon as you are comfortable.

Can I breast feed?
In most cases, breastfeeding is possible after breast augmentation by fat transfer. However it’s important to note that generally in the population, some women are naturally unable to breastfeed. Fat transfer in the breasts is not related to the ability to breastfeed.

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