How Long is Recovery from Thread Lifts?

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A thread lift is a relatively new, minimally invasive procedure that lifts facial skin without surgery. Instead of removing excess skin, a thread lift suspends portions of loose skin using temporary sutures. Threads pull back the skin, lifting and tightening the face while promoting collagen production. Collagen supports wound healing and helps keep our skin strong and supple. The older we get, however, the less collagen our bodies produce.  The team at Sthetix uses state-of-the-art suspension sutures, which are safe and effective for long-term results. Thread lifts have such a short recovery time that patients often combine them with other nonsurgical procedures to create more harmonious results. Initial Recovery Your recovery time is dependent on your individual procedure and your body’s own healing process. Though mild bruising and swelling are normal (often lasting for one week), recovery from a thread lift [...]