Cinderella Lips

Cinderella lips

Cinderella Lips

What are “Cinderella Lips”?

If you are toying with the idea of lip fillers but have concerns about what you would look like with a fuller pout, then Cinderella Lips may be the answer.
Most people considering lip fillers have concerns that their lips will look overdone and are afraid that they may be left with a “trout pout” for at least 3 months!
Cinderella Lips, work very well for anyone who is wary of what their lips might look like if they were to try longer lasting dermal fillers.

The Treatment
The Cinderella Lips treatment is an injection of saline rather than dermal filler into the lips, cupid’s bow, philtrum columns, and even inside the mouth. The initial effect is the same, bigger and fuller lips but the Cinderella Lips treatment is named as such, because it only lasts 6 to 8 hours. An anaesthetic is applied to the mouth and surrounding areas and the treatment takes around 30 minutes to complete.
The beauty of this treatment is that the results can be seen in just a few hours, as opposed to a few days with dermal fillers.

Safety concerns
Since the body can easily absorb saline there is little risk of allergy or other side effects. As with other medical procedures there is always a chance of bruising and infection. The numbness from the anaesthetic will last for up to four hours so you will need to avoid hot or cold food and drink.

Injecting saline into the lips is not a new phenomenon. This cosmetic procedure has been performed for decades. Cinderella Lips is now resurfacing because some people just want to have temporary lip enhancement for special events or to see what they might look like if they get the real deal.
This treatment is proving popular in the US with lots of celebrities who have this treatment before a red carpet event.

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