Considering having cosmetic surgery abroad? Think again…

Considering having cosmetic surgery abroad? Think again…

Going abroad for cosmetic surgery can be a big gamble.

People are often prepared to take that “gamble” as it can prove cheaper than having surgery here in the UK and patients are, in the main, attracted by the cheaper cost.

Cosmetic surgery is a major undertaking and should not be sold as part of a package holiday deal.

Just beware – standards and guidelines are often not as strict and/or tightly controlled in other countries. Recent reports of complications and even death from poorly performed cosmetic surgical procedures have highlighted the risk of having cosmetic surgery abroad.

Over the years, we have seen patients who have been left with serious problems and facing hefty bills for corrective surgery.

Anyone considering cosmetic surgery should remember that all surgical procedures – no matter how small, carry risks.

One of the main important factors to remember is your ability to access the surgeon and the clinic/hospital if there is a problem.

While a locally based surgeon and hospital would be easy to contact and should be able to deal with the problem promptly, those based abroad, even if they wanted to, will not be in a position to provide good aftercare.

A common theme we come across from patients we see who have had problems abroad is that they know someone who went previously and did not have any problems.  What people forget is that while most surgical procedures end without any problem, the quality of service and ultimately your safety are paramount when complications happen.  Guarantees and aftercare are tested fully at that time.

We do have our share of complications, when things do not go exactly to plan.  Since we are local to our patients, we can, and do, pull out all stops to ensure our patients safety and wellbeing. A surgeon based abroad and a few hours flying time from you cannot provide the same service.

Going abroad for cosmetic surgery is not a gamble worth taking.

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