Dr Levy Skincare

Dr-Levy-Skincare-liverpool Dr Phillip Levy is a reputable and highly respected aesthetic dermatology pioneer, whose revolutionary Intense Stem Cell line of products are world- renowned. He has been named the number one Botox doctor in Switzerland, is a facial rejuvenation expert and is driven by his one ambition: “to help his patients avoid surgery, reverse the signs of ageing and restore their skin’s natural, youthful beauty.” That is precisely the key to his success as he has pioneered treatments that require no surgery and yet still provide incredible results.

The Stem Cell Reservoir

An important recent discovery in anti-ageing – the stem cell reservoir – stands as the thought behind Dr Levy’s product line that contains a complex patented concoction of 10 anti-ageing and hydrating molecules. It is this unique formula that propels Dr Levy’s products above the competition and provides outstanding results, particularly the use of Argan CDV, a stem cell activator derived from plants that has been scientifically proven to vitalise dermal stem cells. Consequently, the benefits and results are indisputable as it is these cells that are responsible for natural wrinkle-fighting cells within the skin. Following the use of the Intense Stem Cell line you can expect a significant improvement in skin density and a decrease in wrinkle depth within just 8 weeks, helping you to achieve an overall more youthful, tight appearance to your skin.

Dr Levy Skincare At Sthetix Clinic

If you are interested in Dr Levy Skincare, or are perhaps slightly unsure if they are the right products for you, then be sure to book a consultation with us here at Sthetix Cosmetic Clinic in Liverpool. Here, you can expect professional advice from reputable surgeons, and bespoke treatments tailored to your personal wants and needs. Be sure to be open and honest throughout the consultation process, addressing any concerns you may have, so that you receive the best possible treatment experience and results from us.