Get Hair-Free And Care-Free This Summer

Half Way Through Summer

In the UK, we have enjoyed a couple of summer months now; with longer days, shorter nights and warmer weather (when we are lucky). As the sun comes out and the heat bares down, our skin is covered less as we battle to stay cool.

With more of ourselves on show, we can become self-conscious and more aware of our outward appearance, making it a daily struggle to maintain our bodies and keep them tidy, especially our unwanted body hair.

Hair Removal At Home

Hair-FreeThere are many products on the high street that many of us turn to when it comes to the removal of our unsightly body hair, such as hair removal creams, home waxing kits and razors, all of which can be extremely tiresome. While these can work for many of us, amateur hair removal can have some unwanted outcomes. You may not be able to reach all areas of your body; you may suffer a rash or reaction from using the products, and clearly the results aren’t permanent as you are having to repeat this process over and over again.

Drop Your Razors, Strips And Tweezers!

If you are at a loss with constant shaving or waxing you may be considering laser hair removal. There are many advantages
to this type of procedure, most notably that it is a long-lasting fix for the reduction of unwanted body hair.

Our laser treatments use state-of-the-art technology to selectively target dark and coarse hair in the target area with immense precision, while leaving the surrounding skin completely undamaged. We have treatments suitable for all skin types, and in just a few treatments, you can have the smooth skin that you desire.

Hair Removal In Liverpool

Here at Sthetix Cosmetic Clinic in Liverpool, we provide laser hair removal treatments. Our reviews are a testament to the high quality of the treatments that our experienced and professional surgeons provide on a daily basis, and you can see these for yourself by following the link.

Why not book a free consultation with us today? One of our consultant surgeons will begin to work with you and assess your individual needs, so as to ensure the laser treatment you choose is best suited to your needs.


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