Start Your Hair Restoration Process This Summer

Living With Hair Loss

Hair loss can be something that has a serious effect on the happiness and quality of the day-to-day lives of those that suffer from it. It can have negative effects on their confidence and can even lead to the development of depression in serious cases. Hair loss occurs in a variety of cases for a number of different reasons, the most obvious of which being age.

You can begin to lose your hair as early as your teenage years and it is most often inherited, known as Androgenetic Alopecia. Women are also more likely to experience hair loss following menopause. On the other hand, hair can fall out due to stress, excessive styling, certain skin conditions and a variety of medical conditions, such as Lupus and Anemia. To put it simply, there is no one answer as to why we may lose our hair.

Hair Loss In The Summer

hair restorationSuffering with hair loss throughout the summer period can be extremely hard, more so than usual, as it is harder to hide in the summer heat and self-consciousness can be considerably worse.

As we are striving to keep cool by any means necessary, our hair, or lack of it, may be exposed for the world to see. Perhaps you tend to use a hat in order to cover up unsightly baldness, but the increased heat makes it harder to wear excess clothing? We are more likely to want to tie our hair up in order to cool down, risking the exposure of embarrassing bald patches.

You may feel reluctance in pursuing a holiday in order to avoid busy seaside destinations, especially with school being out for summer. This is no way to live, and we need to be aware that there are treatment options available.

Hair Restoration In Liverpool

Change your life for the better today and seek a Hair Transplant at Sthetix Clinic in Liverpool. Nobody should have to live a sheltered life of self-consciousness and embarrassment when the qualified, experienced surgeons here at Sthetix can help you.

We can create a treatment plan tailored to your needs starting with a free consultation with your consultant surgeon. Take that first step today by contacting our team – you won’t regret it.

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