Issues Faced When Considering A Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair-Transplant-good or badThere are many reasons that may lead you to consider a hair transplant; the most obvious of which being receding hairlines and baldness that more commonly affect men than women as we grow older. On the other hand, we do see patients that have issues such as Alopecia, which is a condition that causes the hair to fall out beyond your control and can really knock ones confidence. Regardless of the situation, a hair transplant procedure is usually sought after to build confidence within our patient’s mindset and correct an aspect of their appearance that they are unhappy with.

Pros & Cons Involved With Hair Transplants

As with any treatment, when we do our research, there are usually pros and cons associated, and this is also the case with hair restoration solutions. What is great to know, and a definite pro, is that this is a procedure that can produce long-term results in most cases. After completing the required number of treatments, you should not need to return for repeat treatment sessions, which also makes this type of hair restoration treatment we offer at Sthetix more cost-efficient than some alternatives. Also, the transplanted hair is able to regrow naturally as the transplanted follicles behave in the same way as natural follicles.

When it comes to the cons, there can be some harsh side effects as with any type of cosmetic treatment. In this case, this could include: itching, swelling, numbness, infections, scarring and even the “shock loss” of the transplanted hair. However, in most cases, hair transplant treatments are successful providing that you work with an experienced and reputable practitioners such as our team at Sthetix Clinic in Liverpool. Patients that choose us for their hair restoration treatments are always guaranteed the highest levels of care throughout the entire treatment process, including the very best aftercare.

Hair Restoration at Sthetix

At Sthetix Clinic, we do offer a very popular hair transplant procedure for those that are unhappy with their hair and seeking corrective surgery. If this is something you are looking into, then it is worth booking a consultation with one of our reputable surgeons as they will be able to guide you with how best to move forward in terms of treatment. Throughout the consultation process, your surgeon will listen to your wants and needs so as to be able to recommend the most suitable treatment plan for you.
We are always here to support you throughout every step of the treatment process, so be sure to share any concerns or questions that you may have with us at any point in time.