Hair Transplant Overview

Hair Transplant Overview

The popularity of Hair Restoration treatments in recent years

While it may seem as though hair restoration treatments are a fairly new cosmetic development, some of them have been around for quite some time. Although new treatments and products are being developed all the time, procedures like the hair transplant have actually been around for much longer. That said, with time, the results have become far better due to the development of better technology.

Perhaps the influence of social media has had an effect on the popularity of this type of treatment, with celebrities like Jason Gardiner and Wayne Rooney being more than open about their treatments, giving others the confidence to seek the help they may have otherwise been too nervous to pursue.

What to expect from a Hair Transplant

hair transplant liverpoolA hair transplant procedure is most commonly used to address issues such as Alopecia, receding hairlines and baldness by way of transplanting a “donor area” of hair, usually from the back of the head, to the required area. However, it is less commonly known that hair transplants can also restore volume and texture to your hair. The results achieved are long-term and should not require repeat treatments once you have completed the original treatment course. You are likely to expect a swift recovery over about a 2-week period; however you will not see largely noticeable results right away.

Hair Transplant at Sthetix

We do offer hair transplant and hair restoration procedures at Sthetix Clinic, located in Liverpool. If this is a treatment of interest to you then please get in touch and book a consultation with one of our highly qualified surgeons, who possess decades of experience between them and will tailor a treatment program to suit your personal needs.

Always be honest and open about your desires, expectations and any concerns you may have so that we can ensure you receive the best treatment possible.

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