Mole removal can be done for both aesthetic and medical purposes. Some men and women opt to have a mole removed that’s in an undesirable location, while others choose to rid themselves of a mole because it’s causing physical discomfort. Whatever reason you may be considering mole removal, the trained medical staff at Sthetix has you covered.

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Should I Get My Mole Checked?

Skin cancer is the most deadly form of cancer. The good news is when caught early-on, skin cancer has a very high cure rate. Regular checkups are recommended on a quarterly or bi-annual basis to reduce the risk of changes to the skin. Patients who are in a high-risk category for melanoma should perform self-checks at least monthly. Any mole that has changed in size, shape, color, or texture should be check immediately in an office setting.

Why Get A Mole Removed?

Skin cancer and physical discomfort are the primary reasons a mole may need to be removed. However, moles that are unsightly or cause a diminished self-image can easily be taken care of as well. Sthetix offers a variety of options for mole removal. Our team of skilled surgeons has helped countless men and women achieve their desired results in a comfortable setting.

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How Much Will It Cost?

Mole removal is a highly individualized procedure. The cost depends on the type and location of the mole. On average, you can expect to pay around £150-£400 for your mole to be removed. However, you may find yourself paying much more or much less depending on your individual circumstances.

Moles can be removed in many different ways and they include:

  • Shaving or scraping
  • Excision (removing the root of the mole and closing it with stitches)
  • Laser removal
  • Staged excision (this is usually for large moles)

Occasionally, mole removal may also consist of reconstruction for an additional fee. For example, skin grafts are often used for large moles. The best way to determine the price you’ll pay is through an in-person consultation. Your skilled surgeon will be able to diagnose your concerns and customize a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Mole Removal at Sthetix

Mole removal is a fairly common procedure that’s fairly inexpensive. That being said, moles are known to be linked to potential skin cancer. It’s always a good idea to see a professional to ensure an optimal outcome without complications. Our experts can help diagnose potential skin cancer and identify the best route to take for your specific needs and goals.

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My GP referred me to Mr Alvi to have some moles removed on my legs. Right from the first consultation I was made to feel comfortable and reassured I was in good hands. He is the ultimate professional but balances this by being friendly and approachable.I would recommend Mr Alvi and the Sthetix Clinic to anyone.

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