Rhinoplasty, more frequently referred to as a nose job, is one of the most common types of plastic surgery. This procedure reshapes bones, cartilage, and tissues in your nose.

In the UK, prices for rhinoplasty surgery can range from £3,500 to £5,000, depending on various factors. Some considerations for the price include anesthesia fees, facility costs, pre- and post-testing, and as needed prescriptions. Your specific requirements and the geographic location of your procedure are additional contributors.

Why Get A Rhinoplasty?

In general, this surgery is well-known as a means to improve the aesthetic appeal of a patient’s nose. Less well known are the medical reasons, such as how it can improve sinus function or correct the outcome of previous surgery.

Trouble Sleeping? Consider A Functional Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can benefit patients with sleep apnoea or other sleep difficulties by allowing easier, less obstructed breathing. The goal of surgery is not to cure sleep apnoea entirely, but to alleviate the nasal obstruction.

Nasal obstruction is a common condition with many associated causes. Nasal valve compromise is one such cause that may result from previous surgery, trauma, aging, or the unique nasal anatomy of the patient. Functional rhinoplasties are often quick, easy, and considered a cost-effective solution for correcting a variety of breathing problems.

I Just Don’t Like The Way My Nose Looks

If you’re seeking correction of a nasal hump (dorsal hump), crooked or off-centered nose, or other aesthetic adjustments, rhinoplasty can provide an enhancement in your appearance that will boost your self-confidence. It is important to work with qualified surgeons, like those at Sthetix, to avoid developing a nasal obstruction following the procedure. Our surgeons carefully consider the effect of dorsal hump reduction on your ability to breathe through your nose.

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What Is Secondary Rhinoplasty?

Secondary (or revision) rhinoplasty is performed to correct an unsatisfactory or unsuccessful outcome, or a nasal obstruction that developed over time as a result of a complication from a previous cosmetic rhinoplasty. Revision surgery is typically more costly than other procedures as it requires greater surgical skill and should only be done by surgeons with a wealth of experience.

At Sthetix, our goal for revision rhinoplasty is the same as primary rhinoplasty – to reshape the cartilage of the nose to be aesthetically pleasing while allowing the patient to breathe well.

Finding The Right Surgeon

When comparing the cost of rhinoplasty surgery, you should consider what is included in the package being offered. At Sthetix, we ask about your overall health and previous surgeries, explain risks, recovery time, and costs, and discuss which options are right for you during your consultation. We will use this time to examine, measure, and photograph your face and discuss your goals for the procedure.

From the first phone call to being in the Catharine Ward and afterwards Sthetix supported me and made me confident with my decision. I am thrilled with my new nose and it’s still got swelling to go down! Mr Khan did an amazing job and I’d recommend him to anyone.

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