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Mr Tiago

Mr Tiago Guimaraes is a highly experienced and well-qualified plastic surgeon at Sthetix Clinic in Liverpool. Mr Tiago qualified in Portugal, and came to the UK in 2008, where he first began to work alongside Mr Rizwan Alvi (our Medical Director), assisting him with his surgical procedures.

This week we asked Mr Tiago some questions relating to his role and his specialist areas of interest at Sthetix:

What Is Your Role At Sthetix?

In 2013, I started collaborating with Mr Alvi and the team at Sthetix, and became fully integrated as a permanent member of the team in 2016. I have two roles at Sthetix Clinic: I am a member of our team of plastic surgeons, but I am also the Clinical Operations Manager. I really enjoy both roles.

What Is Your Work Ethos? Do You Work By A Certain Motto?

I have a holistic approach to my work; I like to help patients explore treatment options with non-surgical techniques as well as surgical options. I would say this is my passion, and I like to work to achieve a natural-looking balance and restore beauty through a combination of treatments.

What Is Your Favourite Aspect Of Your Work?

I love to help patients in ways that they never thought possible, and with treatments they may have not considered but discovered through an alternative approach and treatment program.

What Are Your Procedures Of Special Interest?

I like to use combination treatments. Common combined procedures that I use regularly are: surgical procedures with dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing injections with dermal fillers.

One recent combined procedure I performed was a surgical scar removal with dermal fillers. I was really pleased with this result.

Where Do You Perform Your Surgical Procedures?

At Sthetix, many procedures are performed at our clinic in Knight Street in Liverpool, but depending on the procedure, we do sometimes perform surgery at a number of local private hospitals.

Why Should Patients Choose Sthetix Clinic?

The main reason patients should choose Sthetix is because of the expert surgeon-led team that we have. Every surgeon specialises in a different area, and it is not uncommon for patients to have a consultation with at least two of us present. This way, patients can be sure to know that whatever their desired results from any procedure, we will be able and give specialist advice from many different expert areas in how best to achieve the results they are looking for.

Advice To People That Are Considering Plastic Surgery?

I always say that patients need to be well informed before committing to any type of cosmetic procedure. It is so important to do thorough research, and to get a number of different, expert opinions before making a final decision. When you go to your consultation and meet with your surgeon, you should always be open and honest with your desires and also your current lifestyle and any medications that you might take; all of these factors can really determine what procedure is best for you.

My best piece of advice, though, is that when seeking a procedure, try and expose yourself to your condition or the deficiency that you want to treat instead of just one procedure that you have in mind; specialist surgeons will be able to guide to you to the best solution with this information, and it might be a treatment that you had never even considered.

How Can Patients Book A Consultation With You?

Please contact the team at Sthetix to find out more about the procedures and treatments that we offer, and to book a free consultation with me.

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