A facelift is a straightforward procedure that may create a smoother, more youthful, fresh appearance. The procedure tightens sagging skin and facial tissue, removes wrinkles, and gives you a more defined jawline. In general, facelift surgery is not too painful.

Sthetix offers several different types of facelift procedures:

  • R Face & Neck Lift – usually a 2-hour procedure to lift and tighten deeper tissues of the face.
  • Mini Facelift – a smaller version of the R facelift with a shorter scar.
  • Mini Neck Lift – Incisions are less extensive than a traditional neck lift. Results may only last 2 years.

Our surgeons are UK qualified GMC consultant plastic surgeons, as well as members of other professional associations such as BAAPS and BAPRAS. Our skilled team of anesthetists, skincare specialists, and surgeons utilize the least invasive option to minimize postoperative pain and recovery.

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What Happens During My Procedure?

The advanced experience of our surgeons allows them to open and close your incisions precisely and efficiently during the 2 to 3-hour procedure, minimizing pain, scarring, and downtime.

The three major components of your procedure are:

  1. Administering anesthesia – this can be local (awake) or general (asleep)
  2. Making the incision
  3. Closing the incision

It is determined during consultation whether local (awake) or general anesthesia is in your best interest. You may remember sounds or experience the passing of time during the procedure. You are continuously monitored during your procedure.

Will I Be in Pain After Surgery?

After the surgery, you may experience pain or discomfort as the effects of the anesthesia wear off. This will subside in a few days. Our surgeons will prescribe medication as needed, but often pain can be managed with compression garments or by putting a cold pack on your face for 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

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Swelling and bruising are normal, but will usually go away within one or two weeks. Bruises on your neck and chest are caused by the excess blood being pulled downward by gravity.

The R Face & Neck lift is designed to minimize bruising and swelling.

As feeling returns, you may experience itching, shooting pain or numbness around the incision. It may take several months for the numbness to fully go away.

How Long is Full Recovery After Facelift?

Recovery time is different for everyone and depends on your particular surgery. Most people recover fully in two to four weeks. We will arrange follow-up appointments with your surgeon to check your wounds, remove stitches, and make sure you are progressing well through recovery. Final results from the surgery will usually be visible in 3 to 4 months. Within 5-10 days you can resume light activities and work. Returning to strenuous activities such as exercise is possible after two or three weeks, unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon.

I can honestly say that Mr Alvi and his staff have been fantastic with me. I had my facelift last September and not only did Mr Alvi do a wonderful job but my after care has been outstanding, a big thank you. If anyone is considering cosmetic surgery I can highly recommend Mr Alvi and I know that its a big undertaking to elect to have surgery so I hope that this review is reassuring to anybody contemplating such a procedure.

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*Individual results may vary.