The best way to minimise Sun Damage

Over exposure to the Ultraviolet (UV) light given off in the sun’s rays is both ageing and risky because it can also lead to the development of skin cancer.

How Do You Minimise Sun Exposure And Damage?

Most of us know that we should wear sunscreen when the sun is shining, but we should actually be wearing it all year round. UV rays break through the Earth’s atmosphere on even the cloudiest days.

Wearing an effective sunscreen not only prevents skin damage but can also actually reverse some of it, because the protection it affords allows the skin to start repairing itself. You should avoid direct sunlight wherever possible, especially during the hottest part of the day between 11am and 3pm. A daily skin care routine will also help to protect your face and minimise the effects of exposure.

What Are The Effects Of Too Much Sun Exposure?

You can suffer over exposure after just a few hours in the sun. Sunburn is one response to skin damage, which is painful, and if suffered repeatedly could result in the development of skin cancer. Most of us feel more attractive with a glowing tan, but a tan is actually your body’s response to sun damage.

Ultraviolet light penetrates the skin and injures the pigment cells. The effects of tanning and sunburn are cumulative, which means that every exposure adds to the harmful consequences of too much sunlight. Premature wrinkles occur on unprotected skin, particularly for those who work or lie out in the sun. Sagging cheeks, deep wrinkles, brown spots and scaly growths are all responses to repeated over exposure. We all know that too much long term exposure and sunburn can be very detrimental to your health.

Skin Care That Can Protect You From Sun Exposure

At the Sthetix clinic we provide a range of high-end skin care products designed to give you optimum protection from the damaging effect of too much sunlight. We also have a prescription range to address more complex skin conditions.

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Our cosmetic surgeon-led team will discuss our skin care ranges with you to ensure that you are using the products which are best suited to your individual needs. We offer free consultations, with no obligation, and would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you. Why not book an appointment?