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Introduction To Liquid Facelift

Facial rejuvenation usually requires a number of different interventions which combine to produce a fresher, more balanced and possibly a youthful appearance.Liquid Facelift Liverpool & Chester

A liquid facelift is a combination of different treatments tailored to your needs including wrinkle reduction injections (Botox ®), hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, a tailored skincare programme, skin peels, non-surgical skin tightening by Thermage and laser skin treatments. A non-surgical (liquid) facelift is the perfect option for those who aren’t ready for surgery or as an additional treatment along with surgical options. A liquid facelift can be more cost-effective in some cases. A discussion with your practitioner/surgeon will help you to decide what is a suitable course of action.

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Who Is Suitable?

The choice to undertake a particular method of facial rejuvenation is determined by the extent of facial aging changes and the desires of the patient as to the features they want to address. Sometimes, while there is extensive aging changes, a patient may only want to address certain features which may determine if surgery is the main choice or, alternatively, non-surgical treatments will give them the desired results.

Many of our liquid facelift patients come to us as they are unhappy with the effects of ageing on their face. Many choose this procedure as it is a safer and cheaper option than a surgical facelift. While a surgical facelift can improve the jawline and neck area, filler treatment can address eyes, cheeks, lips and jawline and cost less than a facelift.


The Procedure And Risks

A liquid facelift consists of a variety of treatments tailored to your needs. The treatments can include:

  • Wrinkle reduction injections (Botox®) – for treatment of wrinkles that appear when moving the face.
  • Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers – used either to replace lost volume due to ageing, fill out deep lines or wrinkles, or to improve individual facial features (e.g. lip enhancement).
  • Tailored skincare programmes – these can include superficial AHA or glycolic skin peels, along with medium depth chemical peels and a full range of bespoke skincare treatments to treat all types of skin.
  • Non-surgical skin tightening (Thermage) – to tighten loose skin and stimulate the production of more collagen for a firmer, smoother skin texture.
  • Laser skin treatments – These can include laser pigmentation removal, laser broken vein/thread vein treatments and laser skin resurfacing.

Your surgeon will assess the best combination of treatments for your skin type and condition at the consultation stage. *Risks depend on your final treatment course and your surgeon will outline them prior to your treatments.

Liquid Facelift Liverpool


When will I see results?*
This depends on your individual treatment course, results can appear either immediately (fillers), after a few days (Botox), a few weeks (skincare programmes) or even after a few months (Thermage).
When can I go back to work?*
Most patients can resume work straight after their treatment.
When can I wear makeup?*
This depends on your individual treatment and your surgeon will be happy to discuss this with you.
Can a liquid facelift make me look less tired and less sad?
This treatment can certainly make you look less tired and less sad when carried out by an expert. The aim is to give the patient a fresher and more balanced look.
How much does a liquid facelift cost?
As the treatment is bespoke, the cost is determined after a full analysis of the face, taking into account the desires of the patient. As the treatment is carried out over a number of sessions, it allows our patients to carefully budget, by spreading the costs. In most cases, liquid facelift costs less than a surgical facelift.
Who would benefit from this treatment?
Any patient who wants to look more balanced in their features, fresher and may want to look less tired and less sad may benefit.
Is there an age limit?
Anyone over 18 may benefit from filler treatments as long as they are doing it for the right reasons. *Individual results may vary.

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