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Pelvic Physiotherapy

Throughout their lifespan women can and do encounter problems with their pelvic health. Pregnancy, postnatal, peri-menopause and ageing are all  life stages which can present symptoms of incontinence, prolapse, bowel difficulties and pelvic pain, generating a lot of stress , not helped by the fact that women are often hesitant to discuss, and unaware of help available.

A specialist physiotherapy service offers treatment to help manage the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction including urinary incontinence, bowel management, vaginal wall prolapse, pelvic pain, bladder pain symptoms and painful sex. Interventions are often easy to implement and provide great success, improving quality of life and confidence for women in this most personal area, regardless of the severity of the problem and age of the women.

Specific Conditions treated:

Incontinence & Prolapse Treatment

Bowel Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction

Pregnancy & Post-natal

Mummy MOT

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