PIP Implants

French authorities have today recommended that all PIP implants be removed as a precautionary measure, while also stating that there is no link to cancer.

On the other hand, the UK’s MHRA (the government agency which regulates the safety of medicines), has maintained the position that that there is no need for women with PIP implants to have them removed.

Mr Alvi, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Sthetix Clinic Liverpool and Member of BAAPS has reiterated that if anyone with PIP implants is concerned, they should in the first instance, contact their initial provider.

He added that as there is a well established risk of ruptures with PIP implants, any concerned women should consider an MRI scan.

At Sthetix Clinic in Liverpool, we have dealt with a large number of problems related to PIP implants in the last year, most of which were ruptures.

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