Predictable Ear Correction

The biggest advantage of Earfold ® is its predictability, “what you see is what you get”.

The Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation enables you to see whether Earfold® is right for you. Your surgeon will explain what Earfold® is, take a full medical history, then examine your ears and assess why they are prominent. It is important that you have realistic expectations and your surgeon will take time to explain whether Earfold® is able to deliver the results you expect.

predictable ear correction

First you will have the opportunity to discuss how you feel about the current position of your ears. Then, by using temporary positioners (Pre-Fold) you get to choose how your ears will look. The use of temporary positioners to decide the final look of the ear is unique to Earfold®, and cannot easily be achieved with standard Otoplasty.

There’s a lot to take in, so we recommend drawing up a list of questions and booking a second consultation.

Not sure what to ask your surgeon?  Download our FAQ’s.

The Second Consultation – Positioning

During your second consultation your surgeon will provide answers to all of your questions. This is a more in depth consultation and your surgeon will discuss the risks, benefits and the procedure itself, clarifying any concerns or doubts.

Predictable Ear Correction

Using the Pre-Fold you get to choose how your ears will look with Earfold®. The Pre-Fold can be adjusted to vary the degree of correction until you are happy with the shape. Your surgeon will take photographs making it easier for you to choose your desired look, and then record the position of the temporary implants before removing them. Together you and your surgeon discuss the options and put together a suitable plan that will best suit you. The photographs taken can be shared with you.

With Earfold®, you are the person making the choices.

The Earfold® Procedure  

We will review the plan and using the photographs, re position the Pre-Fold implant and confirm that you are still happy with the appearance of the ears.

You can change the plan but it’s not advisable to make any big changes just before the procedure.

The procedure takes around 20 minutes and uses a local anaesthetic to numb the ear.

  • The agreed position of the implants is marked on your ear
  • The ear is cleaned and a local anaesthetic is injected to numb your ears
  • A small incision is made in the skin of the outer surface of the ear and a pocket for the implant is created
  • The implant or implants are inserted into the ear with a small hand held device
  • Once inserted, the Earfold® implants immediately help to correct your ear prominence. You are given a mirror to check you are happy
  • The incision is closed with dissolvable sutures and dressed with sterile tape

You will have post-operative photographs taken, be given post-operative care instructions and if needed a prescription before you leave the Clinic. You aren’t allowed to drive a car following a local anaesthetic and you should be accompanied for the first four hours after the surgery.

Earfold® Follow-Up

Normally you will be reviewed after three months and if there are no problems discharged. Photographs will be taken and an annual follow-up appointment booked.

If you are considering Earfold® as a solution to correcting prominent ears, please give us a call on 0151 669 1114. Our experienced customer care team will be happy to answer any questions. Alternatively use the online form to book a consultation.

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