The New 8-Point Facelift

As you can probably already guess by its’ name, the 8-point facelift is a non-invasive, innovative, new type of facelift using dermal fillers to target 8 specific points within your face.

The aim is to reduce the signs of premature ageing, such as wrinkles and creases, in order to rejuvenate your skin and create an overall more youthful appearance. As the dermal fillers are injectable, this is a non-surgical procedure with little to no downtime, which is ideal for those of us feeling reluctant to go ‘under the knife’, scared of permanent procedures, or perhaps worry that a traditional facelift will affect our schedule for some time post-treatment.

Who Is Suitable For The 8-Point Lift?

reasons new 8 point liftReasons to try the 8 point lift: It is a non-invasive procedure with no downtime post-treatment,  it would be ideal for potential clients who need to work around the constraints of a busy schedule or that worry about the risks that are possibly involved with a surgical facelift.

The treatment is perfect if you feel as though your skin needs an injection of youth and fresh beauty, literally! Time takes its toll on our skin as the signs of ageing set in, but with the 8-point lift it is possible to reverse the effects of time by reducing the appearance of unsightly wrinkles and creases. Your individual suitability for this type of treatment should always be discussed with you during a consultation prior to your treatment.

8-Point Lift In Liverpool

We offer this revolutionary facelift treatment at Sthetix Clinic in Liverpool, so don’t hesitate in booking a free consultation with us today if you feel this procedure could be ideal for you. Our well-qualified team of consultant plastic surgeons are pioneers within the industry and possess decades of experience between them, so you can rest easy in their capable hands.

You will consult with the surgeon that will be administering your treatment during your initial consultation, and it is very important that throughout this process you are comfortable to talk freely and openly about your expectations and needs so that an effective treatment plan can be formulated.

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