I recently took the plunge and had cosmetic surgery, it was something I have always wanted to do but never had the time and the money both together, I saved until I had enough and then did my research on line, it did not take me long to choose my surgeon, as a registered nurse I already knew of Mr.Alvi’s reputation, and it was exempulary, I booked my consultation aand met him at Renacres hospital where the surgery was to take place, he made me feel totally at ease and explored my reasons for wanting this and encouraged me to ask questions, but in no way swayed my decision, I thought that would be it and we would agree on a date to have it done, but to my disappointment was then offered a second consultation, I later realised that this was a good thing as it gave me time to reflect and to make sure that this is really what I wanted, I was in no doubt and on my second consultation I was shown some Implants and encouraged to try them so that I could make an informed choice, again at no time did Mr.Alvi sway my decision or influence my choice, but he did reassure me once I had decided that my choice was a good one and would suit my size and frame. We then agreed a date for the procedure. I booked my leave at work and to my surprise on more than one occasion one of the girls from the team rang me to ask if everything was ok, and did I have any concerns or questions, they were all fantastic, nothing was too much trouble, and they gave me an email address and a phone number incase I needed to ask anything before my procedure. On the morning of my admission I met my anaesthetist and members of the nursing team who were to look after me, I was to stay in overnight which was very comforting as I was not sure what my pain would be like, my anaesthetist George prescribed analgesia to cover all the eventualities,I was expecting it to be painful and it was but I was looked after very well, and even having said that I would do it all again tomorrow, my nursing care was first class, as was the hospital facility, I was discharged the next day to the care of my husband, and was surprised as to how well I felt, a little uncomfortable but nothing I couldn’t handle, I returned to work after 1 week, I had no complications, and returned to the dressings clinic after 2 weeks for wound inspection, all sutures were dissolvable so no need for removal, and I saw Mr.Alvi himself at my 6 week check, I have to say this operation has changed my life, I am 55 years old and for the first time feel like a complete woman, I went on holiday 2 weeks ago with my new bikini body and felt fantastic, Thankyou Mr.Alvi and each and everyone of your team for your care and help, I would recommend this procedure to anyone but just don’t leave it as long as I have x