Very aware that my face had ‘peaked’ somewhere in my very distant past, I was open to suggestions for rejuvenation (if at all possible). My friend highly recommended Sthetix Clinic in Liverpool and I booked a free consultation with Mr Alvi. Apparently my face isn’t yet desperate enough to warrant a surgical face lift and I was subsequently offered Botox and Fillers.

My idea of what botox and fillers look like put me off the idea initially (I immediately envisaged a frozen face and trout pout) so I wasn’t sure about the treatment. The mere thought of needles into my face was not pleasant but after much discussion and me asking a lot of questions (and Mr Alvi answering them all with great knowledge and detail), I put my trust in him and went with his advice. I was given lots of information and all the potential risks were thoroughly explained to me.

I was very nervous about having this done but to my amazement, the experience was far from unpleasant. The botox was a doddle (I didn’t even notice that he had started!). The fillers to my cheeks took a bit longer but genuinely didn’t cause anything more than minor discomfort. Mr Alvi and his assistant Karen worked together to keep me calm and to ensure that the whole procedure was as painless as possible. I felt totally at ease throughout and even confess to being able to enjoy a few laughs with them during the procedure!

As an amusing snippet, I have to tell you this…. As Mr Alvi is a well-renowned Plastic Surgeon who specialises in breast surgery, he has a vast quantity of implants in his treatment room. When I spotted them, I asked if I could use one as a “stress ball” during my treatment because I was so nervous. He laughed and gave me one to use. By the end of the treatment, I realised that I hadn’t even used the implant as the treatment wasn’t anywhere near as stressful or painful as I had imagined, so I was just lying there holding an implant throughout!

The effect of the fillers was immediate and my children noticed something different as soon as I got home. My 13 year old son asked “what have you done to your face?” and when I told him it was botox and fillers, he said “Mum, it’s amazing! You look 10 years younger!”. Feeling quite insulted, I continued in the direction of the kitchen to make tea…!

The Botox took control of my wrinkled forehead after about a week. In the past few weeks friends have been telling me how ‘well’ I am looking and I’ve had to confess to the divine intervention of the fabulous Mr Alvi!!

One of the ladies at Sthetix phoned me after a few days to make sure everything was ok and that I was happy with the results. I was happy to tell her that I had no bruising whatsoever and that I was simply delighted with the results. I have booked in for my next stage of treatment and I can’t wait!

I’ve just been invited to write this review and before writing it, I read some of the other reviews people have put on here. I have to say, my experience agrees wholeheartedly with what others have to say.

If you think you’re looking ‘tired’ and you’re looking for help, look no further! Mr Alvi and his wonderful team at Sthetix are the people to see!