After having three children (all C-sections) I was aware that my tummy had been majorly affected and I was left with an overhang of skin which I had to conceal with the use of Bridget Jones style hold-in knickers. Each year as summer time approached I would get more and more depressed about my tummy, it caused me to worry each day about what I’d wear to hide it – the wobble was pretty obvious without layers and layers of clothes!
This year I turned 30 and decided enough was enough and did some research online as to how and where I should go about this surgery. I came across Sthetix and requested some information re costs etc – I received a quick response and arranged a consultation. During my first meeting with Mr Alvi he described in detail what the operation involved and stressed the importance of considering my support network in respect of my children and how I would cope with them in the immediate aftermath of the op. I felt no pressure at all and in no way that it was being ‘sold’ to me – he put my individual needs first.
A few months later I decided the timing was right and booked the operation – this process was smooth and I was able to get the date I’d specifically wanted (within 6 weeks of booking).
The operation itself was straightforward, I felt in safe hands. The aftermath was hard, and Mr Alvi was right in urging me to make sure I had help at home – my husband basically did everything for the children for 2 weeks before I was able to help out. The pain was manageable. I felt I was able to get in touch with Sthetix at any time, they rang me within the week of the op to check on me.
Now, six weeks on I have had my follow up appointment and all is well – I am so pleased with my new tummy, I have slight swelling under my scar which Mr Alvi promises to correct if it hasn’t itself but this really goes to show the perfectionist that he is as it is hardly raised! I am now able to wear clothes I haven’t worn for years and the hideous wobble has well and truly gone!
I would recommend Sthetix to anybody – the service is excellent, and the atmosphere in the clinic is extremely friendly.
Thank you Mr Alvi, and all the staff team at Sthetix!