Apologies for the long review but I wanted to give a full account of how excellent the service is from the entire Sthetix team.

I had always wanted a ‘boob job’ as I felt my chest was out of proportion to the rest of my body.

After the birth of my daughter and breast feeding – my breasts ended up extremely ’empty’ and I had zero volume. I had my wedding coming up and being only 27 – I decided to take the plunge and get something done so I could look like the bride I wanted to – wearing a shapely wedding dress.

I obviously researched clinics who did the procedure and came across Sthetix – I was surprised to find a clinic so close to me in Liverpool – I read the reviews on here and saw how qualified Dr Alvi was so I decided to give them a go. Dr Alvi later explained that the clinic does not advertise as they get all their patients from recommendations! Something I now definitely understand!

From the very first phone call to the team I felt totally supported and in control of the process. There was no pressure, no hard sell and at every stage I was given lots of time to consider my options, even additional appointments were available if required.

At my first appointment Dr Alvi was extremely professional and honest about what the results for me could be. He let me try on lots of sizers and even had a little sense of humour about how big was toooo big for me!

We chose two sizes as I have asymmetry and I was told the next stage was a second appointment where measurements would be taken and more questions could be raised. I felt under no pressure to make this second appointment and all the time the team put in to supporting me was done on a no-obligation basis.

I ended up waiting a few months for my second appointment as I wanted to make sure the time was right for work and home life before moving ahead. At my second appointment I confirmed the sizes I wanted and paid the deposit – it all felt really empowering and I felt like I was really well informed. Many ‘high street’ clinics and chains only let you see a surgeon after you have had an appointment with a nurse and have committed to surgery however at Sthetix you get to meet the person performing the operation from the word go.

A few weeks passed in between paying and having my op (all this was at my request as I needed time to sort childcare and work) during this time I emailed the girls at Sthetix various questions – sometimes at weekends – they always came back to me within the hour! Even on a Sunday! Their support and customer service was excellent – they even let me come in and try on the sizers again just a few days before my op! Nothing is too much to ask of these girls and that really helps when making such a big decision.

On the day of my Op I attended Liverpool Women’s hospital and met all the team who would be looking after me – some of whom I had met previously at my preOp appointment.

Dr Alvi came to see me, chatted through the process again and marked me up. I honestly felt so at ease in his hands – I had never had a general anaesthetic before so this was my biggest concern but honestly – I needn’t have worried! It was all very relaxing!

As I had some asymmetry in size I had left it up to Dr Alvi to decide whether one breast would be 420cc or 390cc to correct the difference. He took his time in the surgery and used sizers plus his judgement to ensure I got an excellent result. The surgery took a little longer because of this but I’m so glad I had a surgeon who was prepared to take the time and care needed to achieve the best outcome for me personally.

When I woke up after my surgery I was groggy but didn’t feel much pain and honestly I remained that way – some people struggle terribly after under the muscle surgery but I really didn’t find it a problem and I firmly believe this was down to Dr Alvi’s skill as a surgeon.

Dr Alvi came to see my partner whilst I was in recovery and explained in detail how well the operation had gone – little bleeding which meant excellent recovery process. It was great of him to spend time updating and reassuring my partner who was waiting for me to come round.

Obviously I followed my post op advice to rest, wear the compression band for 6 weeks and I did find it tricky to get up in the morning without using my arms to push-up but really other than that I was up and about as normal within 2 days. I listened to my body and didn’t do too much so by the time of my 6 week check up my new boobs felt like old news! They settled so well and so quickly!

I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Alvi to anyone considering surgery, his team and his expertise are outstanding. Thank you!