After much research and a trip to Harley Street in London, I chose Sthetix Clinic to have my procedures. I was so impressed with their professional and caring practise that I would not hesitate in recommending Anyone to choose them.
I had a mini face lift with Mr. Alvi, and my upper eyelids with Mr. Khan, I had the procedures on a Saturday morning at the clinic under local anesthetisec, one surgeon on either side working on my face then they changed sides to complete ! I was completely at ease everyone was chatting away, and in no time it was over. I was able to return home to recover after a few hours, and everything went so well.
I returned for my check ups with each surgeon and for stitch removals, I have now been discharged.
All of the staff at the clinic are so caring and kind, I wouldn’t hesitate in returning for any further procedures.
Elaine O’Toole, February 2016.