There is limited reliable and independent information available to women considering a face lift so I make no apology for a lengthy review of my face and neck lift and minor fat transfer done by Mr Alvi 6 months ago. I did a lot of research and had consultations with several clinics and decided in favour of Sthetix mainly because of Mr Alvi’s expertise in this area, his sound reputation in the NHS and the good aftercare at Sthetix. Even my GP had heard of Mr Alvi and felt I would be in safe hands.. Everything I read about the staff at Sthetix in Liverpool and Mr Alvi turned out to be true. The staff are lovely and supportive. and communication is very reliable.You never feel rushed and they always treat you with respect and genuine kindness. Mr Alvi fully lived up to his reputation and was courtesy and compassion from the start with a clear sense that the patient’s care and needs (rather than business success) are at the heart of his practice. He gave me lots of time over several consultations, patiently answered all my questions, and I felt the final decision to go ahead was always mine and there is absolutely no pressure nor any financial penalty for withdrawing quite near the date itself -which is very different from most clinics practice.In fact my first planned surgery was postponed the morning of surgery on Mr Alvi’s advice because I had a sore throat and he was concerned about the rare possibility of haematoma. The theatre staff were all prepared but Mr Alvi’s first concern was his patient and ensuring the best possible outcome for the FL. I know that other clinics would have taken a more commercial position. My final, relatively painless, surgery was at Renacres where I was looked after very well and my recovery was comfortable with the only downside that I had to sleep on my back in a raised position for about two weeks, compensated for by the visible improvement and overall success of the “op” visible in my regular checks in the mirror. Six months later there is no visible scarring -Mr Alvi is known for his expert and tiny stitching and no one is aware of my surgery which has been a resounding success. Mr Alvi ensures that you have only realistic expectations and the final result was very natural but most strangers estimate my age as at least 10 to 15 years younger than my real age which has done wonders to my confidence! The minor fat transfer, in which Mr Alvi has I believe an unrivalled experience in the North West, was definately a further enhancement. I would warmly, and without any reservation, recommend Sthetix to anyone considering a Face and Neck Lift. You will be in highly skilled and very safe and caring hands!