i dont usually do these type of reviews but felt compelled to say what a positive and worthwhile outcome i had at Sthetix. My main reason for choosing the clinic was for the user reviews, which seemed overwhelmingly positive so i decided to go for a consultation, meeting Mr. Shaaban. My reason was surgical scar revision and Mr. Shaaban was confident he could make a significant improvement on appearance, which im delighted to say was the case. I was quite shocked how quick and efficient the procedure was, and also how little pain i felt afterward with the stitches in. On my return consultation a few months later it appears to be a resounding success and i jokingly i wished i went years earlier. All through the clinic/Mr. Shaaban were offering advice/open to help which was very reassuring. it something i deliberated a long time going through with, and after the experience with Mr. Shaaban have no hesitation in recommending the doctors and clinic to others