I lost 5 stone recently and was left with a big apron. No matter what diet & exercise i did i just could get rid of of the overhang. The only option was to have it surgical removed has it was making me depressed and self concious about myself and appearence. I took a couple of months to find the right surgeon and i found Mr Alvi and his dedicated team. Mr Alvi was great all the way through my journey from the consultaion to the 6week check-up. Explained everything in fine detail including all the pros, cons & concerns putting me at ease. I went ahead with tt & lipo with fantastic results, i am 6weeks post op and i can safely say it was the best move i have made in my life. We all need a Mr Alvi in our life. Infact i am sorry i did not have a breast lift at the time to go nicely with my new flat stomach . Infact next week i am going to give the clinic a call. Watch this space thank you ST Hetix