I’ve always wanted a BA for many, many years but kept putting it off. After setting a date for my wedding, that was the push I needed.

I researched many places. The more known places, the ones that advertise on the TV. After reading many horror stories of people’s experiences with these places, it really put me off having this surgery done. I just couldn’t find a place that I thought I could trust and wasn’t just after my money.
I came across a review/forum post by a lady saying she had the surgery at another place but wasn’t happy and found Sthetix and was so glad she had.
I then researched Sthetix and read many reviews, all of which praised Dr. Alvi and his work.
So I went with Sthetix 🙂
And I’m so glad I did.
Not once did I feel like just another ‘number/pay check’. Dr. Alvi was very helpful, answered all my questions and reassured any doubts I might of had. Even gave his opinion if he thought I was looking at going TOO BIG! Haha. Karen too, she was wonderful and really did her best to ease my nerves and make me feel comfortable.
From the very first consultation to the op and now post op. Everyone at Sthetix have done their best to make it a smooth, comfortable process and I couldn’t recommend them enough to anyone.
I am glad I found Sthetix and if ever want any procedures in the future, Sthetix will be my number 1 choice, without a doubt.