Having experienced an upper and lower eye lid procedure under local anaesthetic performed by Mr Irfan Khan at Sthetix Cosmetic Surgery Clinic I am delighted with the outcome. I had thought about undergoing this cosmetic treatment for quite some time but was nervous about both the results plus the actual surgery even though a friend had recommended Mr Khan. Following several consultations when all options were explained and I was able to ask any questions and voice my concerns and allowed time to consider I had the surgery. Throughout the surgery Mr Khan explained what he was doing and I was attended by two excellent nurses Geraldine and Sharon who abated my nerves. After the injections of local anaesthetic I felt no pain whatsoever and held conversations throughout the procedure being discharged 2hrs later with a prescription and told to keep my eyes dry for 24hrs bathing them later with water. My follow up appointments have gone well. The clinic itself is professional friendly and supportive so I most certainly would recommend Mr Irfan Khan and Sthetix Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.