Since I can remember I have never been happy with how my breast looked. So the beginning of this year I decided I would do something about it and started doing my research. I went to a few clinics and I just didnt feel 100% about them and to my surprise some clinics even asked for deposits before even going to see the surgeon!
And then I came across Sthetix and Mr Alvi.

Sthetix is a wonderful place and would highly recommend it to anyone for any treatment. The staff their are really nice and welcoming, and make you feel really comfortable. And Mr Alvi, well, he can work miracles!
I knew as soon as my first consultation that Mr Alvi was going to be the surgeon for me. He listened to everything I had to say and advised me on things I wasn’t sure about. He’s a lovely person too!

I had my surgery in May 2015 and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Mr Alvi has gave me exactly what I wanted and shows he really does listen! I will definitely be going to Mr Alvi in the future if I decide I want any further treatments.

Thank you Sthetix and Mr Alvi for all you have done and maybe I will see use in the near future!