I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair in October 2017 at Sthetix. My tummy was awful I looked at least 5 months pregnant. After having my second child I had a 10 finger gap between my stomach muscles that physio could not sort out. After debating getting it fixed for nearly 4 years I took the plunge. I went to many cosmetic companies and was very happy when I found Dr Alvi at Sthetix. He was lovely and friendly from the start and even found an belly button hernia no other surgeon had even mentioned. He was realistic with the outcome saying my stomach wouldn’t be completely flat due to how bad my gap was. I had the operation at the Nuffield in Chester it was a lovely hospital, the staff were equally as nice and made me feel very comfortable. Dr Alvi settled my nerves on the day and after the op I looked down and the big bump was gone I was so happy. It has transformed my life which sounds dramatic but true, I no longer have to wear maternity clothes and nobody asks me when I’m due to have a baby anymore. It was allot of money for us to spend and that’s what took me so long to decide if I should go through with it. My husband says best money has spent as he can see how happy I am now and have self confidence again. I did have problems with my belly button taking months to heal afterwards but the after care was sensational. Every week Dr Alvi would see me checking on it dressing it etc. Dr Alvi and all the girls on reception are fantastic even the Nuffield they use was second to none. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone. My stomach looks better than I ever could of imagined. Thanks everyone at Sthetix.