Most of the females in my family have had breast reductions. I was the last to consider it, but having been in moderate pain for the last 12 months, and having tried physio to correct my posture and painkillers for my back, neck and shoulder pain almost daily I decided I couldn’t live with it anymore. Originally I approached the NHS – the consultant agreed I was a good candidate for the surgery, but warned i was unlikely to get the funding. He also recommended Mr Alvi – even though he was a breast surgeon himself, he felt Mr Alvi could provide the best results.
I didnt get the funding and after a lot of consideration I decided to look into private surgery. I made appointments with 3 different surgeons, Mr Alvi being the last one I met. I knew instantly that he was the man I wanted to treat me. He was kind, open and comprehensive. He examined me professionally (not the case with some of the other appointments I had been to unfortunately – be careful out there girls) and there was always a chaperone with me.

To avoid going on forever – here are the important things to know about Sthetix:
Staff are helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and very available. I really felt cared for every single time I spoke to any team member. They all had time for me.
Mr Alvi is outstanding in every way. He treats you as a person, he reassured me before i went into surgery, he is kind and readily available for any worries pre and post surgery, and I am incredibly pleased with the results of my surgery!
My aftercare has been amazing and my hospital stay was wonderful.
Whilst there was no issues with the results – I was reassured in the knowledge that had there been, Mr Alvi would manage this as part of his service.

Even to the day I went in for surgery, I was very very worried about how it would impact upon me. I was worried I wouldnt look like me anymore and worried that I’d continue to be in pain, even after surgery. But instead having a breast reduction has changed my life in ways I wasn’t expecting. I did it to get rid of pain. This has been achieved, but I have also found myself with more confidence (I didn’t think I was lacking any!!!), I’m happier in clothes, I look better, I even sleep better, I’m not breathless in the mornings and I don’t hate my stomach anymore!! It looks so different now its not half covered in boobs!!

If you are considering a breast reduction, I couldn’t recommend Mr Alvi more. If like me you are worrying about how it might change you – I promise, its all only for the better. Im so glad I made the decision I did. Take the leap with a surgeon and a team who will look after you. Go to Sthetix.