If you are anything like me you won’t mind the length of this review because you will read anything you can on the subject of tummy tucks before you have your surgery. It is easy enough to find accounts of experiences on-line talking about the pain, the recovery time, the swelling etc etc. but what about the agonies of making the decision to undergo surgery in the first place, and what of the internal battle one faces as to whether it is the “right” thing to do.
Of course these pages are set up primarily to review the surgeon, the team and the hospital etc. which I certainly will. You can see I have given 5 stars, that’s only because that’s the maximum I could leave, obviously this is a hint of the positive nature of the review to follow but more of that to come.
My pre op story in a nut shell;
Height 5ft 8in averaged between 10st – 13st most of my adult life, bit of a yo-yo dieter
Child born 2003- caesarean – post pregnancy weight 16.5st, diet went out the window!
Reached my early forties realistic weight between 12 – 12.7st
However, no matter how much I dieted, how much exercise and how much weight I lost I could not alter the shape of my tummy. The overhanging belly was there!

I loathed and despised it, strong words yes but the feelings were stronger, immense and at times consuming. I did everything I could to hide it. I knew what I couldn’t wear, how I shouldn’t stand and I learned to strategically place something, anything, in front of me in photos.

I thought about surgery pretty much from the year after my child was born when I realised I could not alter my shape in spite of my best efforts. Surgery wasn’t an option whilst my child was young and it took me until 2013 however before I had almost everything in place. By this I mean the support at home, the time off work and the finances….. BUT, I still didn’t do it.

Why the deliberation? Perhaps you have this internal dialogue too?
I am a mother, I should always put the needs of my child first……. I might die and leave her with no mother…… How selfish to even consider this!
The money would be better spent on….a holiday…..home improvements…..a car…. How can I even think of spending my own money on myself?
I am a feminist, and yet I am letting body fascists tell me how I should look….
I could go on and on, the message is I felt everything else was more important than how I felt about my body, the body I am going to live in for the rest of my life. But the truth is I wasn’t being selfish I was being selfless!

My Mother died not so long ago and I learned very quickly that life is brief and it can be taken away from you suddenly, without notice and in the cruellest of ways. The ruminating thoughts around her early death and short life went a long way to ending the wrestling with my mind over my “selfishness.”

Determined, I began looking for a surgeon. The first company I approached hit me with hard selling, offering me a “special deal” if I signed there and then. The second time I paid for a consultation and yet felt completely condescended to by the surgeon. Both experiences were extremely uncomfortable and I began to have doubts I would ever get the right person for the job. It all changed with a phone call to Sthetix. I got a really positive vibe, Karen was so friendly, polite and very informative and there was no hard sell. I made my appointment hoping this time I would make a decision to go ahead. When I met Mr Rizwan Alvi I had made my choice before leaving the consultation. I made the right choice. We discussed the options for surgery fully and every detail was explained clearly and comprehensively. Mr Alvi isn’t interested in closing a sale rather he is in the business of giving you the knowledge and understanding to make an autonomous informed decision. He keeps it real and answers questions (no matter how many) honestly and fully, even drawing pictures when needed. He is very approachable and has an excellent manner I truly felt I would be safe in his hands.

The rest of the team at Sthetix are very professional, I emailed several times to change appointments and/ or ask questions pre and post op, and was assisted within the hour with the advice I needed and options for different times and dates to suit me. The team are always helpful and every time I have visited the practice I have been greeted warmly.

As for the surgery it isn’t going too far to say Mr Alvi is to flesh and muscle what Michelangelo is to marble! I have been sculpted.

My operation was in spring this year. I had a tummy tuck with liposuction to the flanks and upper abdomen and I had my abdominal muscles tightened. I’m an all or nothing type after all. Yes it was extremely painful, yes the first week was a living nightmare, BUT, yes it was so worth it and yes I would have it done again in a heartbeat. I feel free now, free of the heavy weight that was literally and metaphorically pulling me down. Free of the self- loathing and the hiding. The surgery has done more than sculpt my body it has changed my frame of mind. I have changed what needed to be changed with the expert help of Sthetix, I feel liberated from the body I hated.

My operation took place in the private suite of The Liverpool Women’s Hospital. I having nothing but positive things to say about the excellent care I received there. What a brilliant facility we have in this city. I don’t understand why there isn’t a major marketing campaign to promote it. With the facilities there and the skill of surgeons like Mr Alvi, Liverpool could have a cosmetic surgery centre par excellence!

Anyone one out there going through doubts and deliberations my message to you is DO IT! Make an appointment and start planning the rest of your life with the body you want and you are entitled to. Don’t see it as being selfish…… You only have one life, live it!

I would be more than happy to receive emails from anyone wanting a one to one chat about anything in this review. Please contact Sthetix who will then forward your email to me.

Best Wishes