Since I had never had surgery before and being quite young, choosing the right surgeon for breast augmentation was not something I took lightly. After extensive research but no complete satisfaction, a family friend recommended Mr Alvi; who after looking at his work had reviews second to none. I arrived for my first out of two consultations extremely nervous yet the staff at Sthetix made me so relaxed and surprisingly turned it into a more pleasant experience. Almost instantly, after meeting Mr Alvi that confirmed for me that I had made the right decision and he put all my fears to rest just in half an hour of talking to him. He answered all of my questions in detail and is such an honest and understanding surgeon who gives you the exact advice you need tailored to your own personal circumstance.

I had my operation in May due to my own commitments which meant I couldn’t have it any earlier however, when the day of surgery finally came I was surprised at how I was more excited than anything else. I arrived at the hospital and was so happy with how calm I was made to feel and I was reassured by the nurses, the lovely anaesthetist and Mr Alvi again. The operation couldn’t have gone any smoother and the quality of care at the hospital in Chester that I received was outstanding. Throughout the whole 6 weeks recovery I had one day of pain which was two days after my op, this seriously surprised me considering what I had read about going under the muscle which is what I did. However, within the end of my first week post op I could lift my arms fully up and felt myself again. I wouldn’t look any further when considering breast augmentation as this is the surgeon you need. Put it this way if I had to go through this again I wouldn’t think twice next time, all thanks to Mr Alvi and his amazing team who work so well together to produce outstanding results and one very happy patient. Now 8 weeks post op and my confidence has been enhanced massively!