I went for a breast augmentation operation last year. My GP recommeded Sythetix and Mr Alvi and in his words ‘ive heard from my patients he’s the best!’. When i went for my first consultation Dr Alvi made me feel comfortable straight away, he measured me and talked through the options and asked my reasons for the procedure, from the moment i stepped through the door (without even booking any procedure ) i felt totally supported and at ease. I went to have my augmentation a few weeks later after a few more consultations and lots of trying of sizes! Mr Alvi was great because i was unsure he helped me in choosing a size that was right for the natural look i wanted and totally in proportion with my frame. After i had arrived at the hospital Mr Alvi came to see me and made sure i was okay and all ready, he literally measured me to a fraction of a millimetre to make sure it was perfect. After the procedure i literally had hardly any swelling and was just a little uncomfortable (even though i went under the muscle, i wasnt ever in lots of pain!). Ive heard lots of people have had a lot more swelling and pain, Mr Alvi came later the same day to make sure i was okay and then let me rest. the next morning i carefully put my jogging bottoms on and zip up jumper and went home, we went over bumps and pot holes and i was literally fine. My friend who had her surgery and had her implants on top of the muscle cried on the way home in pain so i couldnt believe it when i was singing to the radio all the way home! Two weeks at home i felt stiff but again, ok. After about two weeks i went to get my dressings taken off and i had the tiniest scars, i couldnt get over how small they are and friends who have been elsewhere have also commented on how tiny my scars were straight away. A year on and i have very faint scars, they look completely natural – nobody would ever know and people comment saying how lucky i am to have been born with such a ‘perfect’ chest! Words cant actually describe what Mr Alvi has done for me, im happy, confident and can’t believe how my body has transformed but looks totally natural. If you want support, guidance and a surgeon who you can really trust to really work to the highest possible standard, go to Mr Alvi!

Thank you thank you thank you!!