I think that if you have ever considered cosmetic surgery you know how much research you have to do and how many companies there are out there promising you everything.
However if you have done your research you will also find bits in the small print that leave you a little worried about ‘what happens if?’
I wanted a company I could rely on to look after me, not some massive corporation in which I would be primarily a number or sales figure.
At Sthetix I got service that I could trust and an atmosphere that I felt comfortable in from the first app.
Their surgeons are qualified up to the highest standard.
I decided that this was the company that I would have my breast augmentation with.
There was no rush or pressure. I spoke directly to a surgeon and didn’t deal with a sales person.
They went out of their way to book my surgery for a time that was good for me even though I had to change surgeons.
Both of the surgeons that I spoke to were great and I was both happy and comfortable with what would be happening.
I also found after having my op that I had a complication with how the implant was sitting as it had not dropped properly.
My surgeon was amazing and there was no argument about a free re-op. My happiness was at the forefront and again my surgery was booked for when it was convenient for me.
I feel after speaking to a lot of ladies that had gone to larger companies that I made the correct decision going for smaller independant company.
My op was a complete success and I am very happy with the results.