I had wanted an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) for 10 years since I started my family and after 2 C Sections my tummy was left sagging with skin that I could not shift with exercise or diet alone. I also had stretch marks from just underneath the top of my breasts down to my C Section scar.

Choosing Mr Alvi as a surgeon was not a problem as he had come highly recommended to me by numerous surgeons in the region and I had also done some on-line homework. I had two consultations with Mr Alvi before my surgery and on both visits I was made to feel at ease as we went through expectations, the procedure, examination, aftercare etc. Mr Alvi and his staff answered all of my questions and there was no pressure to proceed.

In the run up to my surgery I was very anxious and had other questions; when I called Sthetix they answered me confidently and put me at ease.

I had my procedure on 5th February 2013 and the results are amazing!!! No more embarrassing, floppy, tummy when I’m in the gym and I’ve ordered some new bikinis which I haven’t had the confidence to wear for the last 10 years. Also the high stretch marks that I had on my tummy have now been pulled right down and only peep out of the top of my briefs.

I’m only just over 2 weeks post surgery and I’m fine, my scar looks great already and it has to fade yet. My friends and family also can’t believe how flat my tummy looks even though it is still a little swollen from the surgery.

If anyone is thinking about having this procedure done just go for it, it’s the best thing I’ve had done in years and I’m so happy. Bring on the summer so I can show off my new tummy!

Thanks Mr Alvi, Marie and all the other staff – hopefully see you soon for something else!