From my 1st consultation with Mr Alvi I felt at ease, what a lovely man !
I was considering a face and neck lift and after doing my own research decided to book a free consultation with Sthetix and Mr Alvi. He listened to me and gave me all the information I asked about ( and a lot more I hadn’t thought about ! ) He listened to all my concerns and worries and patiently explained everything to me in a way I could understand. By the time I had my surgery I had been to see Mr Alvi 3 times not once was I charged for this and I never felt any pressure at any time from anyone at Sthetix Karen and all the team are very professional and friendly.
Mr Alvi had suggested fat transfer and boy am I glad I listened to him and had that done ! I feel it has given my face a nicer fuller shape.
Anyway to get back to my surgery … I had my op at Renacres Mr Alvi came to my room before surgery and explained again what would be happening then the anaesthetist came by and introduced himself and asked a few questions and put me at ease ,after which I walked down with the nurse to the operating theatre hopped on the bed and I cant remember another thing !! The whole procedure was completely painless. I woke up in my room and apart from feeling groggy couldn’t believe I’d had my surgery. The staff at Renacres were wonderful and looked after me extremely well , my only regret is I’d lost my appetite and couldn’t enjoy the wonderful food the chef kept preparing for me !! The next morning Mr Alvi called in to check on me and reassure me everything had gone smoothly.
My recovery went well my face was quite swollen and bruised for the first 5 days then it started to go down and the bruises turned yellow and slowly disappeared. After 2 weeks I could go out with heavy make-up on to hide the small bruising that was still there. After three weeks I returned to work and although I felt I looked completely different nobody passed comment on my face but I did have people telling me I looked well and was I wearing my hair differently or had I lost weight !!
Nine months on and I can honestly say I am so pleased with the decision I made to go ahead with my face lift my scars are hardly noticeable and I am constantly being told how well I look. I put all this down to Mr Alvi and the team at Sthetix.
If you are considering facial surgery I strongly recommend you make a consultation with Mr Alvi it wont cost you anything and I can assure you, you wont be disappointed.