I wanted a breast augmentation and finally decided to take the plunge. I studied for weeks the pros and cons and all that could go wrong , I decided I was going to pick by surgen and not price and offers , I was will to travel anywhere In the uk for the right surgen . I found Mr Alvi on the baaps website and booked a consultation. I new imeadiatly he was the sugen I wanted and his assistant was just a nice.
I can honastly say I was made to feel at ease the whole time , I trusted him completely and I woke with perfect breasts , better than I imagined! 2 years on I am still as happy and have tiny neat scars ! I have since recommended 2 others who have also gone through with surgery with mr Alvi and they are just as happy with their results.
If you are serious about cosmetic surgery find the right surgen …… Mr Alvi !