The Sthetix clinic can be found in Liverpool’s Knight Street, not far from the edge of Chinatown and is easily identified by a sign fixed to the brickwork above the discrete entrance. Inside I was found a serene, comfortable, aesthetic interior (sorry, I was unable to resist the pun) along with a gracious welcome and pleasant cup of coffee.
Before long I was approached by Professor Vaiude who ushered me into a reception room where he asked some questions, clarified the treatment plan and introduced me to his assistant.
When I was ready I was taken into the operating theatre where I was invited to recline on a piece of furniture that might be described as being halfway between a dentist’s chair and a yielding couch.
Professor Vaiude cleaned my scalp with an antiseptic solution before beginning a long series of local anaesthetic injections to numb the area; Throughout this process Professor Vaiude not only used a gentle, effective and, from what I could tell, precise technique but also monitored my comfort levels. He was at once the focused surgeon, the courteous gentleman and the considered informant, guiding me through the entire process.
The procedure itself subsequently passed agreeably, entirely because of the outstandingly high quality of the care provided; When the surgery had been concluded I found that the experience had been far less painful than I had expected, much lighter in nature than I had estimated and substantially more pleasant than I might have imagined. You might even say that I enjoyed myself!
I shall undoubtedly be revisiting Sthetix for further treatment. I seem to have found a clinic that has been so carefully assembled from first-class elements, both human and inert, that it might truly be the model for any similar establishment.
I have no hesitation at all in giving Professor Vaiude, his colleagues and the entire Sthetix team the highest possible recommendation.