Well what can l say about Sthetix,
It took me nearly three years to research and find the exact people to do my surgery. Then l found Sthetix.
‘ met all three breast surgeons Whom were so professional and explained every question I asked them, and I can tell you there were many questions.
The third surgeon was Mr Alvie.
All of the surgeons were amazing and all were specialist in there profession. Never once did they try to talk me into having the surgery and never did anyone try to exaggerate my expectations if anything they were quite the opposite in what could be acheived.
I eventually decided Mr Alvie was for me.
He is an absouluntly pure profesional and definitely a true perfectionist. He put me at ease and was so friendly and always at all times never preassured me infact he gave me so many things to think about rather than say he could create everything I wanted, after all hes not a magician and can only improve what he has to work with and he will never tell you any different. So from the beginning I new what to expect from beginning and all the way through my breast enlargment and uplift. He rely is an expert.
I had problems after my surgery, though nothing to do with my outcome or Mr Alvies perfect work , it was my health. Which I wont go into but I will say that Karen and Mr Alvie were my life saver and immeadiatly got me the help I needed and contacted other profesionals outside there team. I can honestly say that without there actions I could of had serious future health problems.
Whilst recovering under the royal liverpool hospital Sthetix kept intouch and I had many more appointments that were un sheduled they kept in touch throughout my recovery they are just the real deal and the best.
I cant express my grattitude to them enough they work together at all times and their communication with each other and their clients is second to none.
My stay in hospital was like being on holiday the care and attention I received was amazing I didnt wanna go home.
Now about my results! WOW! I was totally amazed and couldnt beleive the results. Fantastic The mans a genious!
Any way if your think of having any cosmetic surgery your first point of call must be sthetix because they rely are the best team ever. From the admin staff to the dr, s and surgeons they are profesionals, caring, a brilliant team and most of all honest and trustworthy.
If I could just say this is an honest and true reveiw of my experience and also give a special thanks to Mr Alvie and Karen for all their help care and making me feel so at ease throughput my whole experience. I rely do feel like I have made the best decision ever using sthetix.
AND RELY they havnt paid me to write this (haha lol) it is genuinely honest the sthetix team are the Elite.