Like a lot of us girls plastic surgery is either just a dream, we ‘window shop’ think about it, make excuses, change our minds, then eventually pic up the courage. The decision who to go to is possibly the hardest of it all, I have only been in Liverpool for six months when I decided it is time to get rid of the mommy tummy the kids are now grown up , and my breasts deserved some TLC . As a South African I considered going there for my surgery , I have friends and family in the medical field so I would have been advised to and by the best . My sister in law just had her breasts lifted and implants put in so we discussed it. I came to the conclusion price wise , and sadly with a girl on a budget this comes in consideration , with flights , recovery etc , liverpool was the better option. I asked the Angels , universe and chanted to be guided to the right place and I found Sthetix ! Well all I can say is thankyou a trillion times. I look and feel a billion pounds. My prevouisly run down confidence is sky high and I can’t stop posing around in my newfound beach body !!! WOW ! Highly recommended !!