The first time i met Mr Alvi and his brilliant team I knew I was in safe capable and good hands..
Mr Alvi was honest and completely realistic about my surgery and we discussed various options for what could be done.
I opted for a fluer di lys abdominoplasty.
I had been to 3 other high profile surgery groups to see what i could do for myself esteem and recitfy my issue with my stomach after having a life saving operation as a baby that went wrong then i had to be restitched this then left me with a big wide indented scar add on 4 big babies and gaining and losing 6.7 stone my stomach took the brunt of that journey..
My self esteem was floored so I decided after losing my weight it was time to get ‘me’ back so i started my search two years on I walked into Mr Alvi’s office and five minutes in I knew id met the best person to do my surgery ..
His examination of my stomach alone was far more thorough than any other surgeon id seen.
We talked extensively he was open honest and very frank about my expectations… the process and the operation, pre op & post op, recovery etc nothing was left out.
I felt safe included and in very able capable hands ..
I had my operation in October 2016 and from the minute I went into hospital to coming home I was looked after really well ..
I wished I had found Mr Alvi & Sthetix and had my abdominoplasty done sooner…. I will never regret doing it in fact its the best thing ive done for myself along with losing the weight!.. I have my confidence back …no huge indented scar and feel great ..
The aftercare from Mr Alvi and all his team has been outstanding I cannot recommend him and Sthetix enough in fact Ive already told and recommended Sthetix to two of my friends who cannot believe my results and are now considering surgery for their own self esteem .
I am pleased , happy and over the moon with my surgery and Sthetix the whole team and the process has been 1st class ..
I cannot thank Sthetix and Mr Alvi enough!!. I cannot wait to hit the beach this summer ..
Its been life changing this whole journey with my safety and wellbeing paramount …
Would encourage anyone thinking of surgery to look no further and book your consultation straight away you will be glad you did ..