I went to sthetix,for laser lipo,Then got chatting to a member of staff at Sthetix about my hanging belly from losing
4st in weight! I had lost all confidence,felt ugly,undressing in the dark,wouldn’t let mi partner see me naked.So I was introduced to Mr Alvi who is AMAZING,suggested a tummy tuck,took photos of my stomach,2 weeks later i had my operation in the womens hospital. i woke up to a flat stomach,not a fat and baggy stomach! yey grrreat! 6weeks later
I had a check up with Mr Alvi,and was shown my before and after photos.This operation has been a life saver for me,totally changed me,my confidence,the way I dress,no more baggy jumpers,got my mojo back!
All the thanks for the lovely staff and Mr Alvi at Sthetix BRILLANT XX