Sanity or vanity

Sanity or vanity

Liverpool Plastic Surgeons show how cosmetic surgery is not always about vanity

09-11-2011, 9am – Consultant Plastic Surgeons from Sthetix Clinic in Liverpool appear in a new series on Discovery Real Time to illustrate the fact that, in most cases, cosmetic plastic surgery is to treat a physical or psychological problem – not Vanity.

A review of the last 100 patients requesting a cosmetic surgery procedure at Sthetix Clinic has clearly illustrated this fact. 82% felt they had a physical and a psychological problem and a further 14% felt they had a psychological problem alone which they believe could be corrected by surgery. Only a small percentage (about 4%) felt they wanted surgery purely for vanity reasons.

Discovery Real Time is currently running a series “My Naked Secret” on Sunday nights. This is highlighting the benefit successful cosmetic surgery and psychological help can have on people suffering from physical or psychological problems or both related to their appearance. Consultant Plastic Surgeons, Mr Rizwan Alvi and Mr Hassan Shaaban at Sthetix Clinic in Liverpool carried out a breast reduction and a tummy tuck for a patient who was left with both physical discomfort and psychological trauma following weight loss.

“It is rare to see a patient requesting cosmetic surgery who does not have a psychological reason for the request”. Leading Liverpool Plastic Surgeon Mr Rizwan Alvi said “we assess both the physical and psychological needs of our patients when considering cosmetic surgery”.

Cosmetic surgery is not always about “boob greed”. When carried out by properly trained Plastic surgeons who will assess both the physical as well as the psychological wellbeing of the patient, great benefit can be achieved. Conversely, if done for the wrong reasons, physical and psychological harm can result.

Sthetix Clinic, Liverpool provides a wide range Cosmetic surgery, Non-Surgical cosmetic treatments, Gynaecological treatments, Laser treatments and Skin care. A highly experienced group of NHS Consultant Plastic Surgeons and Gynaecologists provide these services from this clinic.

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