Observ520 Skin Scan

The reality is that most skin conditions are virtually invisible to the human eye. They often develop in the deep layers of the skin and may be present without us even knowing. That’s where the Observ520 Skin Scan comes in.

This revolutionary procedure is specifically designed to expose skin conditions through a patented skin fluorescence and polarize light illumination technology. With this technology, you can instantly reveal any skin conditions you may be facing and receive a plan from our highly trained and experienced skin care experts.

The Observ520 Skin Scan features five different skin analysis modes including a complexion analysis with a combined view:

Sthetix Skin Scan Daylight Mode

Daylight Mode — Full Face View

The daylight mode can allow our skin experts to find out what your skin looks like under daylight and compare it to other skin analysis modes.

Sthetix Skin Scan True UV Mode Liverpool

True UV Mode Pigmentation

With the True UV Mode, our skin experts can receive a far clearer and more detailed image of your skin than they’d be able to with traditional devices and use their findings to design the ideal treatment plan.

Sthetix Skin Scan Liverpool Simulated Wood’s light mode

Simulated Wood’s Light Mode — Further Demonstrates Pigmentation

Simulated Wood’s Light Mode is intended to mimic a classical Wood’s light. It allows the Wood’s light spectrum to be modified and provides an additional diagnostic dimension.

Sthetix Skin Scan Daylight Mode

Parallel Polarization Mode — Shows Oil

With the parallel polarization mode, our skin care experts can gain a deep insight into the texture of your skin. It can give them the chance to observe any fine lines and wrinkles in significant detail.

Sthetix Skin Scan Daylight Mode

Cross-Polarization Mode — Shows redness

The cross-polarization mode provides our skin care experts with an unparalleled view below the surface of your skin. It can quickly and easily reveal vascular or pigmentation disorders.

Sthetix Skin Scan Daylight Mode

Complexion Analysis — Combined View

The complexion analysis can show any issues with skin tone or pigmentation. If you’re concerned about the condition of your skin or unsure of what needs to be done to improve it, the Observ520 Skin Scan can help.

We are offering complimentary Skin Scans to customers who undergo any procedure, purchase products or come in for a skincare consultation.

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